For years the A3 Foundation has paid medical bills for over 200 patients at the Grimard Hospital Anyigba, in Kogi state. The foundation has also supported the Ekundayo Children Orphanage Home in Isanlu Yagba-East Kogi State with a monthly donation to support their activities and take care of children in the home. We have also sponsored/paid for necessary surgeries for Nigerians in need. The foundation recently paid for successful kidney transplants in India, paid and sponsored another patient for heart surgery, and another patient for Dilated Heart Disease at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Nigeria. A3 has also paid medical bills of less privileges patient treated in Grimand Hospital Ayingba of Kogi State for over two years. A3 Foundation has also worked to restore the health of women with fertility related problems and paid for their medical needs.

2. EDUCATION A3 Foundation in partnership with the Igala Project Group paid over 2 million Naira to begin construction and renovation the Atache school in Ayingba of Kogi State. The foundation also partnered with Ebira Elders Forum and paid 1 million to construct and renovate a primary school in Okene Kogi State. We have also paid for Kogi State Youth to acquire skills training ranging from driving , tailoring, computer appreciation, aluminum works and on the long run give out aids to enable them buy motors cycles, car/buses for transport business as well as tools/equipment to start their own trade. The foundation has also assisted the parents of poor students to pay school fees at Kogi State University from their first semester to graduation, sponsored secondary school students and pupils in schools who cannot pay tuition fees, sponsored excursion and training programs for students to gain new skills.

3. OTHER HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS A3 Foundation has paid the funds and bonds necessary to free those in prison and those in detention. The organization is actively involved in window empowerment in area of establishment of petty trade as well as gives scholarship for their wards. In addition, the foundation has funded and supported the building of mosques and churches, empowering community’s spirits while working to alleviate poverty in the areas their congregations reside.