Empowerment and Job Creation


A3 FOUNDATION AND OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT ON JOB CREATION NIGERIA This partnership brought about a new dimension in area of scope and job delivery. Under this scheme, A3 Foundation was appointed as Managing Partner/Consultant by the Office of the Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria on Job Creation. The aim of this scheme is to empower 12million Nigerians cutting across different sector under Public-Private driven arrangement. With this strategic arrangement, A3 Foundation was saddled with the responsibility of developing framework that is achievable and other indices to help the smooth implementation of the project. With the project pilot scheme cutting-across North-Central States of Nigeria; among many achievements; we also successfully initiated support from Samsung Electronics to train and support 12000 young Nigerians with a tool to pursue their dreams in (ICT) by equipping them with Samsung Note Personal Computer at a discounted price of 40percent.

2. A3 FOUNDATION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH WISE-P NIGERIA Wise-P Nigeria is a Strategic Skill Enterprises Development, Graduate Finishing and Job Preparation Program for young people in Nigeria. The Skilled Enterprises Development Program (SEDEP) is the flagship agenda designed to Discover, Empower and Retain Independent Technical and Vocational Service Providers (Artisans) as associate mentors who will partner to provide mentoring; low cost vocational and soft skills acquisition platforms for teeming unemployed or unskilled youths in Nigeria. A3 Foundation was fully engaged to provide financial linkage services to grants set aside for Small and Medium Enterprises by the Federal Government. We also assist in providing advisory services to over 3000 enrolled mentors.

3. A3 FOUNDATION AND LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE The pilot scheme of this partnership is focused on Kogi State Business Development and Job Creation Program. With this strategic partnership, A3 Foundation in collaboration with Leadership Initiative (LI) successfully teamed-up to assist in solving Kogi State’s problem of underdevelopment by empowering communities to address their own needs. We partnered with local government and business figures to provide outstanding community leaders with entrepreneurial, leadership and project management training. These leaders now identify obstacles to development, develop workable solutions and create new businesses necessary to implement their solutions simultaneously. With special attention made to creating several businesses that will support the needs of the state through new community business ventures. Through this intervention program, we successfully, reposition the following areas, Computer Program “more business centers was funded and established through this initiative”, Fish Farming, Tailoring, Motor Vehicle Repair, Welding and Orphan Care Programs.

Our Goals

In the short-term: Local leaders will create solutions to local problems using existing community resources.

In the long-term: To create an honest, transparent generation of leaders who will empower all of Nigeria.