A3 Foundation partnered with a US organization to create entrepreneurs in Kogi State. The A3 Foundation also created a Business Processing hub (Cooperative Society) in order to provide and improve proposal development, program design, services delivery and sustainable systems in ensuring that our trainees are self sustained after their training and or their mentorship period. This business processing hub has evolved into a social enterprise for our trainees.

The business processing hub is dynamic and we offer technical assistance in response to trending digital jobs.

Some of our interventions are;

• Mobile data reselling and vending
• Online e-commerce referral
• Sharing business ideas and entrepreneurship programs with trainees
• Placement of trainees into mentorship
• Business outsourcing
• The youth community development programme (YComTec)


• Nigerians are going through some rough times. Millions live below poverty line. People are losing their jobs and businesses are losing their workforce.
• With the number of youths in Africa set to double by 2045, the lack of jobs for young people is “an immense challenge but is also the key to future prosperity”, said the report, produced by the African Development Bank (AFDB), the OECD’s development center, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the UN Development Programme.
• Around 60% of the continent’s unemployed are aged 15 to 24 and more than half of these, mainly women, have given up on finding a job, the report found. Nigeria is experiencing huge joblessness. That is an unacceptable reality in a country with such an impressive pool of youth, talent and creativity.
• Poverty is usually the expression of inadequate or low productivity and not lack of resources. To overcome the state of poverty in any society a conscious effort must be made to enhance the ability of citizens to galvanize their creative energies and resources for improved production.