This initiative is borne-out of a strategic projection to secure the economic future of Nigeria by introducing long-term economic plan as youth employment has become high not only Nigeria but the whole of sub-Saharan Africa. With this initiative, it’s the foundation’s focus to drive away the mentality of money acquisition to wealth creation for desired economic development.


At the A3 Foundation it is our mandate with respective stakeholders to provide necessary training along with mentorship and thus prepare youth in the essential concepts necessary to sustainably run a small to medium-sized business/enterprise over time.



Payment for Kogi State youth to acquire skills training ranging from driving, tailoring, computer appreciation, aluminum experts and start-up grants for the purchase of tools, equipment, buses and motor buses to start their own trade.


Business Processing (A3 Foundation cooperative Society)

The A3 Foundation Business Processing hub (Cooperative Society) was created to provide and improve proposal development, program design, services delivery and sustainable systems in ensuring that our trainees are self- sustained after their training and or their mentorship period. This business processing hub has evolved into a social enterprise for our trainees.

The business processing hub is dynamic and we offer technical assistance in response to trending digital jobs.

Some of our interventions are:

  • Mobile data reselling and vending
  • Online e-commerce referral
  • Sharing business ideas and entrepreneurship programs with trainees
  • Placement of trainees into a mentorship process
  • Business outsourcing