For everyone, a natural consequence of technological innovation is the quest for a type of skills. Yet skills development does not come about as fast as technological development. Thus the foundation under this program deployed Free CISCO IT Essential Training through support from the Rockefeller Foundation – Digital Job Africa to empower High Potential but Disadvantage youths across the Nation. The graduates of this program are also given the opportunity to acquire other skills from Microsoft platforms to further aid their employment status in a digital-driven economy.


The A3 Foundation was responsible for:

Identifying high potential but disadvantaged youths in each state.

Setting up of an online registration portal to establish a clear and transparent process, to create ease of data sorting and ordering, to ensure and protect data audience: to validate real-time application and reporting process.

Program planning and implementation

Facilitating and coordinating meetings with training centers and subsequent signing of Memorandum of Understanding

Creating visibility and viability of the ICT training through print, visual and online media

Crafting, Monitoring and evaluation guidelines before, during and after the training period

Facilitated the engagement of entrepreneurship institutions to place the trainees after the training period.



The foundation has a mandate to identify, train, mentor, and place 1000 High Potential but Disadvantaged Youth in Nigeria in digital jobs. We view this as an alternative to other conventional forms of empowerment “.

In partnership with schools and organizations in Nigeria, the Foundation delivers a comprehensive learning experience to help students develop ICT skills for entry-level career opportunities, continuing education, and globally recognized career certifications.


With support from the Rockefeller Foundation and innovative partnership with CISCO Networking, Microsoft Nigeria, we deploy free ICT training for High Potential but Disadvantaged Youths in Nigeria, under the Digital Jobs Africa initiative. This initiative is borne out of a strategic projection to secure the economic future of Nigeria by introducing long-term economic plan due to increasing Youth unemployment which is fast spreading beyond Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa. With this initiative, it’s the foundation’s focus to drive away the mentality of money acquisition to wealth creation for desired economic development.


A3 Foundation and key stakeholders provide the necessary training along with incubation (mentorship) and thus prepare youth in the essential concepts necessary to sustainably run a small to medium-sized business or enterprise over time.


Our focus is to develop a facility that will enable young men and women channel their energy and ideas into business opportunities to increase their income and create decent work for themselves and their dependents.



CISCO IT Essentials


Why CISCO IT Essentials?

Due to changing patterns in service delivery, technology is gradually replacing many human efforts as thus, reducing the number of staff in organizations. However, there is a shortage of certified and qualified manpower in handling these technologies hence IT Essentials as a course is equipped to cover the fundamentals in PC computer technology networking, preventive maintenance and repairs of computers, printer repairs and client management.

Our training program is to equip the youth with skill-sets needed for sustainable employment; with focus on building resilience that prepares vulnerable young people, their communities for the swift change in global workspace as possessed by technological innovations.”


Youths, Age 18-35 years


Geographic coverage