• The A3 Foundation partnered with the Igala Project group and paid over 1 million naira to begin construction and renovation of the Atache School in Anyingba of Kogi state.
• The A3 Foundation also partnered with Ebira Elders Forum and paid over 1 million naira to construct and renovate a primary school in Okene, Kogi State.
• Payment of School fees for poor and vulnerable children
• Sponsor of disadvantaged final year students in tertiary institutions
• Conduct School Outreach Programme in remote villages of mountain districts
• Women literacy classes in remote communities where there is no access of government facilities.


• Over the years, the A3 Foundation has been involved in payment of medical bills for over 200 patients at the Grimard Hospital Anyingba, in Kogi State. The Foundation has also supported the Ekundayo Children Home Orphanage in Yagba-East with a monthly donation to support their activities and take care of the children in the home.
• The A3 Foundation has sponsored/paid for necessary surgeries for Nigerians in need. The foundation recently paid for successful kidney transplants in India, sponsored a patient for heart surgery, another patient for Dilated Heart Disease at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Nigeria. A3 has also paid the medical bills of less privileged patients treated in Grimand Hospital, Ayingba of Kogi State for over two years.
• A3 Foundation has also worked to restore the health of women with
fertility related problems and paid for their medical bills.



A3 Foundation partnered with a US organization to create entrepreneurs in Kogi State. The A3 Foundation also created a Business Processing hub (Cooperative Society) in order to provide and improve proposal development, program design, services delivery and sustainable systems in ensuring that our trainees are self sustained after their training and or their mentorship period. This business processing hub has evolved into a social enterprise for our trainees.

The business processing hub is dynamic and we offer technical assistance in response to trending digital jobs.

Some of our interventions are;

• Mobile data reselling and vending
• Online e-commerce referral
• Sharing business ideas and entrepreneurship programs with trainees
• Placement of trainees into mentorship
• Business outsourcing
• The youth community development programme (YComTec)


• Nigerians are going through some rough times. Millions live below poverty line. People are losing their jobs and businesses are losing their workforce.
• With the number of youths in Africa set to double by 2045, the lack of jobs for young people is “an immense challenge but is also the key to future prosperity”, said the report, produced by the African Development Bank (AFDB), the OECD’s development center, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the UN Development Programme.
• Around 60% of the continent’s unemployed are aged 15 to 24 and more than half of these, mainly women, have given up on finding a job, the report found. Nigeria is experiencing huge joblessness. That is an unacceptable reality in a country with such an impressive pool of youth, talent and creativity.
• Poverty is usually the expression of inadequate or low productivity and not lack of resources. To overcome the state of poverty in any society a conscious effort must be made to enhance the ability of citizens to galvanize their creative energies and resources for improved production.



The A3 foundation under this program is currently deploying Free Cisco IT Essential Training through support from the Rockefeller Foundation-Digital Job Africa to empower 1000 High Potential but Disadvantaged youth across:

  • FCT
  • Niger
  • Bauchi
  • Kogi
  • Nassarawa
  • Kaduna

With expansion program in focus to accommodate other potential states.


  • Youths, Age 18-35 years
  • Women


Cisco IT Essentials

Due to changing patterns in service delivery, technology is gradually replacing many human efforts as well as reduce the number of staff in organization, however there is a shortage of certified and qualified manpower in handling these technologies hence CISCO IT Essentials as a course is equipped to cover the fundamentals in PC computer technology, networking, preventive maintenance and repairs of computers, printer repairs and client management.

The foundation has a mandate to identify, train, mentor and place 1000 High Potential but Disadvantaged Youth in Nigeria in digital jobs. We view this as an alternative to other conventional forms of empowerment.

In partnership with schools and organizations in Nigeria, the Foundation delivers a comprehensive learning experience to help students develop ICT skills for entry-level career opportunities, continuing education and globally recognized career certifications.

With support from the ROCKEFELLER Foundation, and innovative partnerships with CISCO Network and Microsoft Nigeria, we deploy free ICT training for High Potential but Disadvantaged Youths in Nigeria under the Digital Jobs Africa initiative.

Current Statistics
Six hundred and twenty nine (629) trained in Four
(4) states and the FCT
• Bauchi — 146
• FCT – 90
• Niger state – 200
• Nassarawa state — 83
• Kogi — 110


In Collaboration with VIKO Nigeria
• A3 Foundation collaboration with VIKO Nigeria has so far been rewarding, this partnership has guaranteed that our trainees are gainfully engaged in making money from the hospitality sector
through online airline bookings, hotel reservation and interstate bus bookings.

In Partnership with Funds and Electronic Transfer
• The A3 Foundation has a memorandum of understanding with FETS toensure that all its trainees in the Digital Jobs Africa Project are adequately engaged as mobile agents, where an average trainee gets to earn a minimum of N 30,000 monthly as commission from transaction.


About us

The Aisha Abubakar Audu (A3) Foundation is a registered Non-profit and Private Trust operational in the USA and Nigeria, committed to:

  • Capacity Building
  • Empowerment
  • Training of youth and women in order to promote self sustainability and employability.

Since its inception the A3 Foundation has provided

  • Shelter
  • Medicals
  • Water
  • Training
  • Renovated educational buildings
  • Created sustainability projects
  • Counseling/mentoring of youth and community in general


In a bid to bring succour to the flood ravaged communities in Nigeria A3 foundation collaborated with Nigerian Leaders in the diasopra to create awareness on the damage caused by the flood in Nigeria that started sometime in September 2012. The founder Amb. Dr. Aisha Audu-Emeje initiated the “WHITE FLOOD RELIEF MISSION” aimed at bringing succour to the flood victims in Nigeria.

Needs assessment was conducted on the 12th of December by A3 foundation and partners to assess the level of damage and methods of intervention. The team was received by the state’s emergency management agency. The damage was assessed and solutions proferred by the assessment team (Alicia perry ministeries, Hallelujah ministeries and Impakt Nigeria). Amongst the communities visited include, Gande, Abom and Ogwoje in Bassa LGA, Kogi state and Eroko community, Ajaokuta LGA.

The team stressed the need for the construction and renovation of schools and health centres, the need for prompt medical aid to the affected communities amidst other problems. A3 foundation in its responsiveness to eradicating the pains of the flood victims donated a structure to be used as a health rehabilitation and disaster management centre.


Training Partners

• Industrial Training Fund-Abuja
• Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU) Bauchi State
• Bauchi State University- Gadau, Bauchi State
• Federal university of Technology-Minna, Niger State
• Federal Polytechnic-Bida, Niger State
• Kogi State Polytechnic, Lokoja, Kogi State
• Kogi State University Anyigba, Kogi state
• Nassarawa State Polytechnic, Nassarawa State
• Umaru Musa Yar,adua university, Katsina
• Kaduna State University, Kaduna.

Corporate Partners

• Stakes Capital Limited
• Trading Engineers Nigeria Limited
• Niger Delta Development Commission
• Viko Group
• Microsoft Nigeria
• Nigeria Rebirth
• Federal Ministry of finance
• Federal ministry of commerce
• Niger Delta Amnesty Program
• Media Organizations
• National Productivity Centre
• National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA)

International Partners

•The Rockefeller Foundation
• Cisco Networking Academy
• Microsoft
• Sage (Student for the advancement of global entrepreneurship)



In furtherance of the Digital-jobs Africa project; The a3foundation is due to deploy free ICT training for 100 youths/women in the Niger delta region under the Niger delta digital economy program.

This initiative is aimed at facilitating the creation of young entrepreneurial leaders across the Niger delta region whose innovations, enterprises and community development projects will help address the challenges of

  • Youth Unemployment
  • Environmental degradation and
  • Insecurity


• Creation of entrepreneurial and social engineering programmes;
• Reorientation and mobilization of the youth to respond to community challenges as their social responsibilities;
• Creation of youth enterprises and community service projects across the region;
• Mobilize youths to respond to environmental/ climate change challenges.


• Young people are organized and galvanized into Business Groups
• Fellows are trained to start a business of comparative advantage in their communities utilizing the ICT training provided to them .
• The fellows work together as business partners like in co-operative societies;
• The ICT /Youth centers are also utilized as CBT centers, rural post offices, e-health hub, all centers etc.

• At least 2,700 new business/social ventures created by fellows;
• At least 5,400 jobs created;

2,700 youths/women trained and more, able to deliver development for themselves and their communities.


Empowerment and Job Creation


A3 FOUNDATION AND OFFICE OF THE SPECIAL ASSISTANT TO THE PRESIDENT ON JOB CREATION NIGERIA This partnership brought about a new dimension in area of scope and job delivery. Under this scheme, A3 Foundation was appointed as Managing Partner/Consultant by the Office of the Special Assistant to the President of Nigeria on Job Creation. The aim of this scheme is to empower 12million Nigerians cutting across different sector under Public-Private driven arrangement. With this strategic arrangement, A3 Foundation was saddled with the responsibility of developing framework that is achievable and other indices to help the smooth implementation of the project. With the project pilot scheme cutting-across North-Central States of Nigeria; among many achievements; we also successfully initiated support from Samsung Electronics to train and support 12000 young Nigerians with a tool to pursue their dreams in (ICT) by equipping them with Samsung Note Personal Computer at a discounted price of 40percent.

2. A3 FOUNDATION IN PARTNERSHIP WITH WISE-P NIGERIA Wise-P Nigeria is a Strategic Skill Enterprises Development, Graduate Finishing and Job Preparation Program for young people in Nigeria. The Skilled Enterprises Development Program (SEDEP) is the flagship agenda designed to Discover, Empower and Retain Independent Technical and Vocational Service Providers (Artisans) as associate mentors who will partner to provide mentoring; low cost vocational and soft skills acquisition platforms for teeming unemployed or unskilled youths in Nigeria. A3 Foundation was fully engaged to provide financial linkage services to grants set aside for Small and Medium Enterprises by the Federal Government. We also assist in providing advisory services to over 3000 enrolled mentors.

3. A3 FOUNDATION AND LEADERSHIP INITIATIVE The pilot scheme of this partnership is focused on Kogi State Business Development and Job Creation Program. With this strategic partnership, A3 Foundation in collaboration with Leadership Initiative (LI) successfully teamed-up to assist in solving Kogi State’s problem of underdevelopment by empowering communities to address their own needs. We partnered with local government and business figures to provide outstanding community leaders with entrepreneurial, leadership and project management training. These leaders now identify obstacles to development, develop workable solutions and create new businesses necessary to implement their solutions simultaneously. With special attention made to creating several businesses that will support the needs of the state through new community business ventures. Through this intervention program, we successfully, reposition the following areas, Computer Program “more business centers was funded and established through this initiative”, Fish Farming, Tailoring, Motor Vehicle Repair, Welding and Orphan Care Programs.

Our Goals

In the short-term: Local leaders will create solutions to local problems using existing community resources.

In the long-term: To create an honest, transparent generation of leaders who will empower all of Nigeria.



For years the A3 Foundation has paid medical bills for over 200 patients at the Grimard Hospital Anyigba, in Kogi state. The foundation has also supported the Ekundayo Children Orphanage Home in Isanlu Yagba-East Kogi State with a monthly donation to support their activities and take care of children in the home. We have also sponsored/paid for necessary surgeries for Nigerians in need. The foundation recently paid for successful kidney transplants in India, paid and sponsored another patient for heart surgery, and another patient for Dilated Heart Disease at Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) Nigeria. A3 has also paid medical bills of less privileges patient treated in Grimand Hospital Ayingba of Kogi State for over two years. A3 Foundation has also worked to restore the health of women with fertility related problems and paid for their medical needs.

2. EDUCATION A3 Foundation in partnership with the Igala Project Group paid over 2 million Naira to begin construction and renovation the Atache school in Ayingba of Kogi State. The foundation also partnered with Ebira Elders Forum and paid 1 million to construct and renovate a primary school in Okene Kogi State. We have also paid for Kogi State Youth to acquire skills training ranging from driving , tailoring, computer appreciation, aluminum works and on the long run give out aids to enable them buy motors cycles, car/buses for transport business as well as tools/equipment to start their own trade. The foundation has also assisted the parents of poor students to pay school fees at Kogi State University from their first semester to graduation, sponsored secondary school students and pupils in schools who cannot pay tuition fees, sponsored excursion and training programs for students to gain new skills.

3. OTHER HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS A3 Foundation has paid the funds and bonds necessary to free those in prison and those in detention. The organization is actively involved in window empowerment in area of establishment of petty trade as well as gives scholarship for their wards. In addition, the foundation has funded and supported the building of mosques and churches, empowering community’s spirits while working to alleviate poverty in the areas their congregations reside.